Who can compete?

Women from 18 years and up, US citizens or valid Green Card holders.

Is there an age limit for applicants?

Minimum age of 18 years old is required.

How do I apply?

Read through and follow the guidelines, submit a complete application in the body of en email along with link to your submission video.

Is there an application fee?

Yes. The entry fee is $45. See guidelines for information on how to pay fee.

Do I have to be affiliated with a studio?

No, you don’t have to.

I’m not a US citizen and I don’t have a Green Card, can I apply anyway?

No. Only US citizens and valid Green Card holders are allowed to enter competition.

I’m not a stripper and have never worked in a strip club, can I still apply?

Pole dancing is not stripping and USPDF is not associated with the adult entertainment industry.

Can guys enter the competition?

No, women only.

Why don’t you have competition for doubles?

Once the USPDF grows larger we’ll hopefully have room for other division in addition to the Amateur and Pro.

Can I set my submission video to “private” or “unlisted” on YouTube?

No. All submission videos have to be set to “Public” on Youtube or Facebook in order to be considered as submission videos. No exceptions.

Can I send an edited submission video?

No, edited videos are not acceptable. USPDF won’t be able to determine consistency of style, technique, stamina, strength, flexibility, etc unless watching a dancer for 2-3 min unedited.

Can I dance barefoot in my submission video?

Yes, you can dance barefoot in your submission video.

Can I use spinning pole instead of stationary pole for my submission video?

Yes, you use either or both in submission video. Finalists have the option to use either when competing in their optional round. USPDF Pros are required to use both in their compulsory.

What is USPDF looking for in the submission videos when picking the finalists?

USPDF select all finalists based on the elements the judges will look for in the competition: technique, transition, coordination, creativity, individuality, flexibility, strength, extensions, consistency, dynamics, dancing and performance. USPDF selects finalists who are well-rounded pole dancers mastering the pole and the floor, and seamlessly transition in between.

Do I have to do a compulsory and optional round for my submission video?

No, your submission video is for you to showcase your skills and your style. Only a 2-3 minute video is required.

Does USPDF have suggestions when preparing submission video?

  • follow the Submission Video requirements, found under Competition Guidelines
  • prepare a routine that fully represents you as a performer, pole dancer and athlete.
  • practice the routine for a couple of weeks/months
  • record your practices so that you can see yourself, you wish the end result to be a great submission video
  • stage yourself well in the video so that the USPDF can see you at your best
  • include moves you feel confident and good doing, not your latest trick that you haven’t fully managed yet.

I worked really hard on my submission video, but I didn’t get picked. What am I doing wrong?

Good for you for working really hard for your submission video! For some applicants it takes a couple of times before getting selected, just don’t give up. USPDF has started to offer feedback on submission videos so just reply and tell us you’d like feedback.


If I get picked as a finalist, do I have to do a compulsory round?

Yes, all finalists have to do compulsory round and optional round.

How do I know if I’ve included all the requirements in my compulsory round?

Finalists are given a ‘Finalist Package’ that includes all the requirements. Finalists are encouraged to ask questions, send pictures and videos of their progress to make sure they understand the information correctly, and also to receive general feedback on their routines. USPDF wish for all competitors to be fully prepared to go on stage and look their best.

Can I dance barefoot in the competition?

You can be barefoot in the optional round, not in the compulsory.

Can I use spinning pole instead of stationary pole?

All required spins in the compulsory routine have to be performed on the stationary pole for both Amateurs and Pros as a rule of the competition. Amateurs can use either for the rest of their compulsory, while Pros are required to use both for the compulsory. Amateurs and Pros can use both spinning and/or stationary for optional routine.

Can I do anything I want in my optional round?

You need to follow the rules and regulations of the competition, see dress code, music and disqualifications in Competitions Guidelines. As far as movements go, USPDF encourage finalists to be creative on stage.

Are there any restrictions on what type of music I can use?

USPDF doesn’t want anyone in the audience to be offended. No vulgar music, radio edits only.

How many/what titles are given?

The winner receives the proper title for the competition (i.e USPDF Champion 20xx for the US Pole Dance Championship) Starting 2011, all USPDF competitions including the nationals will have a first and second runner-up. USPDF awarded “Miss Trixter” and “Miss Sexy” (shared 2nd place) in the past championships, but those titles are no longer given out.

What are the prizes given?

Prizes are different for each competition. However, the winner in amateur competitions will always receive her USPDF Pro-status.

Judges and Score System

What type of scale do the judges use to rate my moves and overall performance?

Each routine is worth a maximum score of 10.0 points. It’s the combined score of both routines that determines the winner. The competitor with the highest score wins. The judges base their scores on: transitions, technique, execution of tricks, originality of choreography, flexibility, extensions and pointed feet, individual style and aesthetic, consistency of performance, musicality, overall performance. Points can only be deducted for overtime/under time, dress code and music violation.

I have all these difficult moves I’d like to do, will I win?

Yes, you can do them but “difficult moves” are not a recipe to win. Finalists will find in their ‘Finalist Package’ all the details of scoring points. Difficulty gives a very low point compare to the technique and transitions for instance.

Will I be judged differently on a spinning versus stationary pole?

You’ll be judged based on the same elements. However, the spins are judges slightly different. The ‘Finalist Package’ will explain more details.

Who are the USPDF judges?

Professional choreographers, dancers and aerialists who’ve had years of performing experience. They also have extensive backgrounds in gymnastic and fitness. All USPDF judges are trained to become a judge by the USPDF board.

Why have judges?

To avoid personal preference over the level of skills and performance. All professional competitions have judges.

How do you become a USPDF judge?

You can contact USPDF and let us know you’re interested.

Attending the Competition

Where can I purchase tickets?

Once the venue is set, tickets can be purchased online on the USPDF website. If the event is not sold out, you can purchase tickets at the door as well.

Is there an age limit?

Yes, minimum 18 years old.

Can I take photos and video of the performers?

No, you cannot take pictures and/or video of the performers during the competitions. USPDF hold all legal rights to footage and images of the USPDF competitions. This is stated on the website, on the Playbill and announced at the beginning of each competition.

Will USPDF merchandise be available for purchase at the show?

Yes, a USPDF merchandise table is found at each event. You can also purchase merchandise online.

Will there be any chances to meet & greet the performers?

At some events, a “Meet and Greet” is organized before the competition. It varies for each competition. Most competitors do come to the USPDF After Party held after each event.
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