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Novice Competition (April 1, 2017)

Am I a Novice competitor? A Novice competitor is someone that might not be ready to compete at a USPDF Amateur level. None of the competitors in the Novice Division receive a pro status. We put less emphasis on difficulty in the Novice Division then we do in the Amateur Division. If you are looking to obtain your pro status you MUST compete in the Amateur Division.


Upcoming Novice Competition

2017 US Pole Dance Championship – Novice Division

When: *Day time, April 1, 2017, 12pm

Where: Symphony Space Theater in New York City, NY

# of competitors: 32

Accepting video submissions October 2 – December 16, 2016 at 11:59PM EST



*Mandatory competitor meeting will be held, Friday, March 31, 2017 @ 9:30 AM

Novice will have two divisions, Novice Sexy and Novice Artistic. Novice Sexy will be required to wear a minimum of 6inch heels. We will be looking for you to bring a sexy/classy performance. Novice Artistic does not have a footwear requirement and encompasses all other forms of dance whether that be jazz, hip hop, classical, modern, etc.

Novice Requirements

  • Female over the age of 18, are welcome to submit a video for the chance to be selected as a finalist
  • You do NOT have to be a US citizen to compete in the Novice Division with the USPDF, but must provide a US address when submitting your application
  • Novices are welcome to submit for both Divisions sexy and artistic, however a $20 video fee is due for each entry
  • Submitting a video does NOT guarantee you entry into the stage competition

Video Submission Process (To Submit Your Video CLICK HERE)

  • Video should be a well lit solo performance to music that is 2-2:30 minutes in length (grace period of 10 seconds 2:40, if your video is longer than 2:40 we will judge the first 2:40)
  • Ensure you showcase a well-rounded pole dancing routine in your video submission and take into consideration the category you are submitting for
  • If you are submitting for Novice sexy you must wear a minimum of 6inch heels in your video
  • We are looking for a solid performance which includes spins, dancing, beginner – intermediate tricks, and interesting transitions
  • Video must be loaded as PUBLIC onto your YouTube account with the following video title: “USPDF 2017 Your Name Novice Sexy” or “USPDF 2017 Your Name Novice Artistic”
  • Video performance must be recorded within 90 days prior to submission
  • Fill out online application and pay your video fee of $20
  • Your video will be viewed and judged by 2 USPDF board of directors and/or USPDF judges and/or USPDF officials using the judging scoring system listed below under “USPDF Novice Systematic Judging Process “
  • We will contact you with our feedback and results after the video submission deadline, which is December 16, 2016 at 11:59PM. You will receive an email no later than December 23, 2016 with our decision.
  • In the event that your YouTube video is muted do to copyright, leave your YouTube video online and send a Vimeo Link to
  • No, edited videos. USPDF won’t be able to determine consistency of style, technique, stamina, strength, flexibility, etc unless watching a dancer for 2-2.5 min unedited. If an edited video is submitted there will be a minimum of a 1 point deduction
  • Based on your video score for novice the USPDF Board may provide you with the option to compete in the Amateur Division
  • If accepted as a finalist, please refer to the “Competitor Acceptance Process” section below

Competitor Acceptance Process for Stage Performance

At this point you have been contacted by the USPDF indicating that you have been accepted into the Novice Division in the US Pole Dance Championship! Now what?

  • You will receive the Novice competitor contract through email. Fill out and sign by December 24th
  • Pay your competitor fee of $90 in the online store
  • Failure to submit your application and pay your competitor fee by December 24, 2016, will automatically disqualify you
  • The USPDF will make a public Facebook announcement which will confirm your spot as a finalist for the Novice Division in the US Pole Dance Championship
  • Prepare a 3 minute performance piece that reflects the category you have chosen (grace period of 10 seconds 2:50-3:10)
  • Attend the mandatory competitor meeting the Friday before the competition @ 9:30 AM. (March 31, 2017)


Judging System

The USPDF takes judging very seriously. The USPDF judges understand their fiduciary duty to the competitors. All judges are trained prior to the competition as well as compensated for their time. Each competitor will be judged by 3 USPDF judges, using the USPDF Novice systematic judging format below.

USPDF Novice Systematic Judging Process (10 Points Total)

Possible Points Category
2.5 Performance
2.0 Flexibility and extension
1.0 Difficulty of tricks
2.5 Smooth & unique transitions
2.0 Technique & timing


* Scoring occurs on a .25 basis




Prize for Stage Performance (April 1, 2017)

First place of Novice Sexy and Artistic will both receive a Lupit Pole

First place of Novice Sexy and Artistic will both receive Knee pads from Poledancerka

First place of Novice Sexy will receive a $100 gift card from Sway Polewear

First place of Novice Sexy will be given the option to be a brand ambassador for Sway Polewear. The brand ambassador option will only be offered if you are not currently a brand ambassador with another polewear company.

First place of Novice Sexy and Artistic will both receive a solid salve from w.o.d.welder

First place of Novice Sexy and Artistic will both receive a SmartShake Bottle

First place of Novice Sexy and Artistic will both receive a $50 PoleActive Giftcard

First place of Novice Sexy and Artistic will both receive a $50 Tatiana Active Wear Giftcard

First and second place of Novice Sexy and Artistic will receive a one year membership to

First place of Novice Sexy and Artistic will both receive a Spin City Pole Bible

Thank you to our sponsors who are providing the above prizes

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