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VIP Tickets for the 2019 US Pole Dance Championship


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This is the only place you can purchase a VIP ticket to the 2019 US Pole Dance Championship on April 12-13 2019 at Symphony Space Theater!

General Admission can also be purchased through our website here.

With a VIP seating purchase you can pick a premium seat and have it reserved so no waiting outside the theater early to get a good seat! First 5 rows reserved for VIP.

Additional Information


Novice Competition Level 1 (April 13th 9:30am), Novice Competition Level 2 (April 13th 12:00pm), Amateur Competition (April 12th 7:30pm), Pro Competition (April 13th 7:00pm)

VIP Seat

B3, B5, B7, B9, B2, B4, B6, B8, B101, B102, B103, B104, B105, B106, B107, B108, B109, B110, B111, B112, B113, B114, B115, C1, C3, C5, C7, C9, C2, C4, C6, C8, C10, C101, C102, C103, C104, C105, C106, C107, C108, C109, C110, C111, C112, C113, C114, C115, C116, D1, D3, D5, D7, D9, D2, D4, D6, D8, D10, D101, D102, D103, D104, D105, D106, D107, D108, D109, D110, D111, D112, D113, D114, D115, D116, E1, E3, E5, E7, E9, E2, E4, E6, E8, E10, E101, E102, E103, E104, E105, E106, E107, E108, E109, E110, E111, E112, E113, E114, E115, E116


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