Olga Koda Workshop #2

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Olga Koda Workshop #2


Date/Time: 04/02/2017 10:00AM - 11:30AM
Duration: 90 Minutes

Location: New York Pole Dancing
Remaining spots: 0

Learn from the exotic pole dance master Olga Koda!


Knee Pads and Heels are REQUIRED

All Workshops with Olga Koda will be different! Learn a new routine in each.

Olga Koda is a Russian pole dancer, famous for her unique, high heel movement style and flexibility. Olga has a degree in choreography and was performing and choreographing for the Russian show dance group “Expromt” from 2008 to 2010. She started pole dancing at the age of 18. She was teaching and performed exotic dance with several groups for a couple of years before she started her own school of exotic dance named “Koda”, which she currently runs together with her sister in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Olga is a performer and a winner of multiple competitions and shows, both in Russia and internationally. Her fans noticed her on TV participating in the Russian dance TV-competition and playing a role of a pole dancer in the Olivier Stone movie “Snowden” (2015). Olga loves cats and motorcycles, and is excited to visit NYC!

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