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Jennifer Kim

Jennifer Kim is an xpert certified instructor for several of the leading Los Angeles pole studios including Bespun, The Vertitude, Metamorphosis, Fembody Fitness & Crunch. You may have seen one of her many performances at Girl Next Door – A Pole Dance Soirée and SEVEN. She can be seen as the featured dancer on Enrique Iglesias “Dirty Dancer” music video.Jennifer has competed in several competitions and has earned her USPDF pro status. She has placed as a runner up in 2012 Pacific Pole Championships and in the 2012 International Pole Masters doubles division with her partner Sergia Louise Anderson.  This duo has also competed in 2013 IPC Singapore. Most recently Jennifer competed in Pole Stars Malaysia. As a dancer Jennifer is known for her strength and grace. Although Jennifer has expanded her pole repertoire to include contemporary pole movement, she has a strong connection to her sensual classic pole movement roots. Jennifer took her first pole class out of curiosity with no dance, movement, fitness, or gymnastics background. She believes and wants to share the message that pole is accessible to everyone regardless of their background or lack of.


Lara Michaels

With a background in ballet and classical violin, Lara started pole in 2011. An active pole competitor since 2012, Lara has competed many times, notably with USPDF, Pole Sport Organization, National Aerial Pole Art, North American Pole Dance Championships, Pole Classic at Pole Expo, US Aerial Championships, and the Asia Pole Championship. She is the current NEAAC Professional Pole Champion, and was awarded the title of “Miss Trickster” at the 2016 Asia Pole Championship in Singapore. Lara is an ElevatED certified instructor for pole and flexibility, and has been teaching at Body & Pole in New York City since 2013. She is also a brand ambassador for the new pole clothing line, LeiVola Polewear.


Andrea Rosales

Andrea was born in Mexico where she started gymnastics at the age of 3. She competed nationally and internationally until age 17. During college she joined the diving team and explored various dance forms, including contemporary, tango and samba. She moved to the US for grad school, where she fell in love with salsa dance. After performing for 7 years with salsa dance companies in Boston and NYC, she took a break and discovered pole dance at Body and Pole, combining her love of acrobatics and dance. Andrea holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering and works as a laser scientist.


Brittnai Pole

Brittnai is originally from Seattle, WA and began her pole journey 4 years ago. She began as a trickster, but made the switch to a sexier style after falling in love with her platform shoes! Her favorite moves are anything dynamic and surprising – bring on the drops, tumbles, and sassy heel clacks! She is a USPDF Pro, Beastly Built athlete, Florida Pole Fitness “Miss Congeniality”, and the Capital of Texas Aerial Championship 2016 Pro Doubles and Pro Overall winner. She looks forward to representing her home studios of Athena Vertical Dance and Studio X!


Gemma Lux

Gemma Lux attended her first Pole Dance class the summer of 2012. Six months into pole dancing she became a pole dance instructor. Gemma loved teaching so much that she decided to resign from her corporate life in 2013 to become a full time Pole Dance Performer, Instructor & Manager at Impulse Pole Dance Brandon. Gemma’s dance background includes belly dance, hip hop, jazz, and was a competitive cheerleader growing up. Gemma is known for her beautiful lines, high energy, and empowering attitude.


Jacqui Simone

Jacqui Simone is a Philadelphia based artist. By day she is a designer, and by night shes an aerialist. Jacqui spent her childhood practicing classical ballet and performing with non-profit ballet companies on stages up and down the east coast. She discovered pole dancing in 2013 while attending the University of the Arts for graphic design. She quickly became obsessed with the aerial arts and while pole is her first love, she will train on any apparatus she can get her hands on.


Jazzy Li

Jazzy is a Queens native who fell in love with pole dancing when she took her first class 6 years ago at NY Pole Dancing. Through pole, she found freedom of expression, strength, and confidence. Now an instructor at NY Pole Dancing, Jazzy loves sharing her passion and encouraging students to step outside themselves and explore something new. In addition to dancing, Jazzy loves to travel and learn foreign languages.


Jen Schofer

2015 US PSO Nationals Finalist, 2014 NW Pole Art Runner Up, began studying pole dance in 2009. She quickly became obsessed with pole for its athleticism and artistry and began teaching in 2011. Discovering her love for the performing arts at the age of 5, she has a background which includes training in ballet, tap, jazz, cheer, gymnastics and pole dance. Having also studied music since an early age, Jen has a talent for understanding the intricacies of sound and uses that to make the most out of every piece.


Liz Epp

Liz, an athlete and mover from a young age, discovered pole in 2011. What started as a curiosity quickly became a lifestyle and passion. A graduate of Body & Pole’s work-study program, she became an ElevatED certified pole instructor in 2013. She taught at B&P in NYC before moving to Portland, Oregon in 2016. Liz now teaches and trains at both The AERO Space and Diva Den Studio. She quickly fell in love with her new life in the Pacific Northwest and has been enjoying the change of pace and new outdoor activities. She also loves to cross train for pole with Olympic-style weightlifting and Dance Party Hustle, a choreography + cardio class offered at Diva Den Studio. USPDF inspired Liz to become a competitive pole dancer in 2012. She is honored and proud to call herself a USPDF Pro.


Patricia Yndigoyen

Growing up in Peru, Patricia was a tree-climbing aficionado. As a teenager, the closest she got to dance class was choreographing dances in her bedroom (Mostly to music by Alanis Morissette, pieces that thankfully never saw the light of day). Years later, a USPDF YouTube video rekindled her childhood love for being up in the air and dance. And at 29, with enough cojones she finally took her first pole dance class. With her degree in finance and a Wall Street job, Patricia can afford an unlimited membership to Body & Pole, her dancing home away from home


Regina Marie

Regina Armand is a pole dancer and flexibility instructor. She has been teaching for two years now. Her background is in fitness; as she grew up running track for six years, cheerleading for two years and teaching kids gymnastics. Regina has a passion for movement and helping people achieve their goals while helping them have fun in the process. She has plans of owning her own studio one day in Queens, New York.



Svetlana has been born and raised in Russia, where she’s graduated as a teacher of Russian and Russian Literature. In 2008 Svetlana moved to Miami and in 2013 she decided to try pole dance out of curiosity and it was love from the first class. Pole completely changed her perspective of fitness, which doesn’t have to be boring or completely exhausting. Svetlana thinks that pole dancing is a powerful, body transforming art with no limitations or regulations, a perfect combination of strength and sensuality. Svetlana is a certified pole fitness instructor teaching and sharing her passion with dedicated dancers in MILAN POLE DANCE STUDIO Miami Based.


Victoria Finehout-Vigil

Victoria moved to New York City in 2010. She has since worked in Macau, South Africa, Paris, LA, and New York as a dancer and performer. Her work includes television, concerts, commercials, live performances, and music videos. Recently she performed in an off Broadway show that received a Drama Desk Award for Unique Theatrical Experience (Queen of the Night).


Zoe Kantor

Originally from Boston, Zoe has been dancing since the age of 12. While living in Korea in 2011, Zoe discovered pole dance for the first time, and was hooked. She then moved to New York City and joined the work-study program at Body and Pole, which gave her the opportunity to train, grow, and eventually, become an instructor. Since then Zoe has competed frequently, and was most recently awarded “Most Powerful Performer” at the 2016 Asia Pole Championship in Singapore.