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Lara Michaels

With a background in ballet and classical violin, Lara started pole in 2011. An active pole competitor since 2012, Lara has competed many times, notably with USPDF, Pole Sport Organization, National Aerial Pole Art, North American Pole Dance Championships, Pole Classic at Pole Expo, US Aerial Championships, and the Asia Pole Championship. She is the current NEAAC Professional Pole Champion, and was awarded the title of “Miss Trickster” at the 2016 Asia Pole Championship in Singapore. Lara is an ElevatED certified instructor for pole and flexibility, and has been teaching at Body & Pole in New York City since 2013. She is also a brand ambassador for the new pole clothing line, LeiVola Polewear.

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Andrea Rosales

Andrea discovered pole dance in 2014 while in a break from performing salsa dance. With a background in gymnastics, diving and Latin dance, she found in pole a fulfilling combination of athleticism and artistry. The short break has turned into an enduring passion for pole, but she continues to enjoy dancing in salsa socials in NYC. Andrea has a PhD in Electrical Engineering and works as a laser scientist.


Brittnai Pole

Brittnai is originally from Seattle, WA and began her pole journey 4 years ago. She began as a trickster, but made the switch to a sexier style after falling in love with her platform shoes! Her favorite moves are anything dynamic and surprising – bring on the drops, tumbles, and sassy heel clacks! She is a USPDF Pro, Beastly Built athlete, Florida Pole Fitness “Miss Congeniality”, and the Capital of Texas Aerial Championship 2016 Pro Doubles and Pro Overall winner. She looks forward to representing her home studios of Athena Vertical Dance and Studio X!


Gemma Lux

Gemma Lux attended her first Pole Dance class the summer of 2012. Six months into pole dancing she became a pole dance instructor. Gemma loved teaching so much that she decided to resign from her corporate life in 2013 to become a full time Pole Dance Performer, Instructor & Manager at Impulse Pole Dance Brandon. Gemma’s dance background includes belly dance, hip hop, jazz, and was a competitive cheerleader growing up. Gemma is known for her beautiful lines, high energy, and empowering attitude.


Jacqui Simone

Jacqui Simone is a Philadelphia based artist. By day she is a designer, and by night shes an aerialist. Jacqui spent her childhood practicing classical ballet and performing with non-profit ballet companies on stages up and down the east coast. She discovered pole dancing in 2013 while attending the University of the Arts for graphic design. She quickly became obsessed with the aerial arts and while pole is her first love, she will train on any apparatus she can get her hands on.


Jazzy Li

Jazzy Li is a Queens native who fell in love with pole dancing after her very first class at New York Pole Dancing. She is now an instructor and member of the pole crew Aerial EDGJ, creators of Pole Play NYC and Pole of Fortune. Having witnessed her first USPDF Pro Competition in 2012, she is honored to share the stage with such talented women and grateful to be a part of a community that fosters freedom of expression and builds confidence. Outside of pole dancing, Jazzy loves to travel and learn foreign languages.


Jen Schofer

2015 US PSO Nationals Finalist, 2014 NW Pole Art Runner Up, began studying pole dance in 2009. She quickly became obsessed with pole for its athleticism and artistry and began teaching in 2011. Discovering her love for the performing arts at the age of 5, she has a background which includes training in ballet, tap, jazz, cheer, gymnastics and pole dance. Having also studied music since an early age, Jen has a talent for understanding the intricacies of sound and uses that to make the most out of every piece.


Liz Epp

Liz, an athlete and mover from a young age, discovered pole in 2011. What started as a curiosity quickly became a lifestyle and passion. A graduate of Body & Pole’s work-study program, she became an ElevatED certified pole instructor in 2013. She taught at B&P in NYC before moving to Portland, Oregon in 2016. Liz now teaches and trains at both The AERO Space and Diva Den Studio. She quickly fell in love with her new life in the Pacific Northwest and has been enjoying the change of pace and new outdoor activities. She also loves to cross train for pole with Olympic-style weightlifting and Dance Party Hustle, a choreography + cardio class offered at Diva Den Studio. USPDF inspired Liz to become a competitive pole dancer in 2012. She is honored and proud to call herself a USPDF Pro.


Patricia Yndigoyen

Growing up in Peru, Patricia was a tree-climbing aficionado. As a teenager, the closest she got to dance class was choreographing dances in her bedroom (Mostly to music by Alanis Morissette, pieces that thankfully never saw the light of day). Years later, a USPDF YouTube video rekindled her childhood love for being up in the air and dance. And at 29, with enough cojones she finally took her first pole dance class. With her degree in finance and a Wall Street job, Patricia can afford an unlimited membership to Body & Pole, her dancing home away from home


Regina Marie

Regina Armand is a pole dancer and flexibility instructor. She has been teaching for two years now. Her background is in fitness; as she grew up running track for six years, cheerleading for two years and teaching kids gymnastics. Regina has a passion for movement and helping people achieve their goals while helping them have fun in the process. She has plans of owning her own studio one day in Queens, New York.



Svetlana has been born and raised in Russia, where she’s graduated as a teacher of Russian and Russian Literature. In 2008 Svetlana moved to Miami and in 2013 she decided to try pole dance out of curiosity and it was love from the first class. Pole completely changed her perspective of fitness, which doesn’t have to be boring or completely exhausting. Svetlana thinks that pole dancing is a powerful, body transforming art with no limitations or regulations, a perfect combination of strength and sensuality. Svetlana is a certified pole fitness instructor teaching and sharing her passion with dedicated dancers in MILAN POLE DANCE STUDIO Miami Based.


Victoria Finehout-Vigil

Victoria moved to New York City in 2010. She has since worked in Macau, South Africa, Paris, LA, and New York as a dancer and performer. Her work includes television, concerts, commercials, live performances, and music videos. Recently she performed in an off Broadway show that received a Drama Desk Award for Unique Theatrical Experience (Queen of the Night).


Zoe Kantor

Originally from Boston, Zoe has been dancing since the age of 12. While living in Korea in 2011, Zoe discovered pole dance for the first time, and was hooked. She then moved to New York City and joined the work-study program at Body and Pole, which gave her the opportunity to train, grow, and eventually, become an instructor. Since then Zoe has competed frequently, and was most recently awarded “Most Powerful Performer” at the 2016 Asia Pole Championship in Singapore.


Carly Child

Carly Child grew up doing gymnastics and turned to yoga after a career ending injury. When she discovered pole in 2014, she immediately fell in love with the strength and art as well as the technique and creativity it takes to perform and compete as a pole artist. In 2016, she won the title of PSO US National Champion and Pole Theatre USA Pole Art Champion. She hopes to share her love and movement with as many as she can through pole dancing.

Candace Jabur

Candice Jabur

Growing up in Texas, Candice had a passion for gymnastics and competitive cheerleading. After winning multiple national and world titles in these sports, she pursued a degree in nursing. Shortly after becoming an ICU nurse she discovered pole fitness as an outlet and was quickly drawn to its athleticism and artistry. Best known for her strength and flexibility, Candice now shares her passion for the sport as an instructor at PoleFit Carolinas and looks forward to competing at the highest levels.


Jordan Mazur

Jordan Mazur is the owner and lead instructor at Muse Pole Fitness in Columbia, Missouri. She earned her B.S. in Dance through the Indiana University School of Kinesiology and danced professionally for 4 years. Jordan has competed, placed and performed in many pole competitions and performances across the country, and she is honored and thrilled to take the stage with the other talented USPDF finalists.


Shay Williamson

Shay is the owner of Kairos Fitness in Utah, and has been training in pole and aerial arts for 4 years. She has been lucky to compete and place in several regional and national competitions, and was incredibly blessed to place 1st in the Novice Artistic Division In Oct, 2016 and is SO thrilled to be back in the amateur division. She loves getting to know, learning from and watching fellow artists and can’t wait to see everyone on stage


Little Snipper

Christine goes by the name of Little Snipper, she has been pole dancing for 6 years. She teaches at Tease Dance and Fitness in Aurora, Illinois and works as an Emergency Room Nurse. She took her first pole class out of curiosity and was immediately hooked. Christine has no dance or gymnastics background. She loves sharing her passion for pole and encourages her students to step out of the box and try new things. She is certified with Pole Moves and Discoveries Dance. Christine’s competitive pole titles include: Pole Performer of the Year 2012 at Midwest Pole Dancing Competition Essentials Division, 1st Place in Entertainment Level 4 2015 CPC, and 1st Place in Dramatic Level 4 2016 CPC. Christine has also competed as a doubles act with her partner Kim, otherwise known as “Kimstine” and won the Peoples Choice Award Doubles Division 2016 at Midwest Pole Dancing Competition. She has performed in many shows including: UPA Bringing Sexy Back Chicago, The Wild Side Pole Show, Pole Noir and Viva La Pole Show. Christine not only has an incredible passion for pole and it’s community but also to her nursing career, husband Pat and their three dogs.


Elizabeth Tuazon

Elizabeth was bitten by the pole competition bug after winning her first title in 2013. As musician, dancer, teacher, director, and coach, she is always thrilled to express herself and guide others via performing art. She is inspired by the depth and breadth of performance possibilities, and she is honored to play among some of her most highly admired colleagues! Elizabeth leads a charmed life in Bronzeville with her husband Ryan and dance partner Curtis.


Stephanie Lea

Stephanie Lea serves in The United States Armed Forces, is finishing up her Master’s in Nutrition, and will be qualified to sit for the national examination to become a Registered Dietitian this fall. Stephanie took her first pole class in 2015 and started instructing in 2017. She is known for her strength, floor work, and hairography.


Tilly Erikson

Tilly began pole with a Groupon and the notion pole fitness was glorified “stripperobics.” She now has been a proud poler performing and competing since 2013, lucky enough to have been a part of Pole Theatre USA, The Girl Next Door Show, Pole Show LA and Ink N’ Iron. Tilly focuses on dynamic mixed with slow movement, musicality and story telling in her pieces and looks forward to being a part of USPDF this year!


Von Brianna

The desire to learn to move more femininely led Von to begin poling in 2010. Since then, it has helped her professionally and personally, from building confidence when public speaking to loving her body as is. With no background in dance, strength or flexibility, pole transformed Von’s mind and body, allowing her to open her own studio, Doll House Pole Fitness in Virginia, where she shares the benefits of pole with others, proving that anyone can pole beautifully.


Claudia Renee

Claudia is a nationally recognized pole performer and choreographer. She’s the head instructor at BeSpun in LA and has been pole dancing since 2009. She has traveled and taught her signature workshops in over 5 countries. You can see some of her group performances and choreography in Pole Show LA. She has extensive certifications and a degree in Nutrition and Small Business Entrepreneurship. Claudia is known for her grace, intensity and stylistic creation.

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Katie Cooper

Katie took her first pole class on a whim in the spring of 2011 and never looked back. She competed in her first competition just 11 months after her first class and had so much fun she hasn’t stopped! She began teaching in 2012 and loves teaching pole of all kinds and levels, but especially choreography classes that get her students dancing.

Ziva Dale

Ziva Lynn

Ziva has been dancing several dance forms and movement genres for over two decades and is so excited to embark upon her latest adventure, Pole Dancing! For three years Ziva has been learning the beautiful art form of pole dance at PoleFIT Revolution (PFR), and is honored to now be a part of the wonderful staff and also the director of the new PoleFIT Revolution Performance Team, PFR PT. Ziva would like to thank all her teachers at PFR for their undying support, encouragement, and inspiration.


Michelle Loewe

Michelle Loewe has been poling for 2 years at Sexy Beast Fitness in San Diego, California. She has a background in gymnastics and dance. She is excited to be a part of the USPDF pro qualifier. Her favorite parts of pole include learning power moves and meeting pole friends. Outside of pole, Michelle likes wiener dogs and learning about biology and engineering.

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Scarlet’s background is in cross country and track & field. Scarlet’s been competing as a runner since the age of 6 years old and this lifetime experience helps her understand elements of pole fitness and training. She started pole dancing in 2015 and officially started teaching pole in 2016. Scarlet loves free style/free dance/ improv, spin pole, lyrical and contemporary pole dance.


Juel Sheridan

Juel has her masters in Health Education and Coaching from Boston University and has been teaching gymnastics, personal training, and teaching pole for the past 8 years. After retiring from competitive gymnastics, she discovered pole fitness and immediately fell in love with having a new challenge and the ability to create with her body and express herself. She also enjoys hiking, running, and riding her horse, Phaon.


Jenny J

Jenny grew up doing gymnastics and theater. She started pole dancing in November, 2014 and fell in love with it due to its acrobatic and artistic elements. She trains at the Girl Spot in Connecticut.

Pole portraits at JR Studio on June 16, 2016 in NYC. (Photo by Ray Tamarra)

Emily Sanderson

Emily Sanderson grew up dancing in southern California and discovered pole dancing when she moved to Portland, OR in 2012. She’s been living in NYC since 2014, teaching pole dance, Pilates, and other movement modalities. She loves performing in the city.

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Born 1984 Cancer/Leo. Started ballet at 10. Went to School of America Ballet in NYC from 13-17. At 18 career stop because of bone break and heavy case of arthritis. Continued her studies at university of North Carolina school of the arts. Moved back to Florida, taught another 13 years. At 30 she started break dancing and Robotics to spice her style. June 2015 started pole dancing. Self taught she is excited to compete.

Fernanda Robles

Fernanda Robles is a recent graduate from the University of North Florida, where she was part of the swimming and diving team. Her athletic background includes eight years of professional diving and two years of pole sport. This is Fernanda’s second year competing in pole fitness competitions and she is excited to see what this year brings to her pole journey!

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Joscelyn Perez

Joscelyn lives in Miami. She has been pole dancing since 2011 and teaches at Milan Pole Dance Studio. She is also a certified holistic health coach.


Jungle Jainah

Rosa Elena Rodriguez was born in Panama, raised in Miami,started self teaching herself pole in 2010 in daytona beach,fl. Rosa has four years of teaching experience and currently works at exotic workouts. Rosa remains self taught, she has no athletic background in sports, dance, or gymnastics. Rosa met Sarah Crutuel once when she lived in daytona, and since then it was only a dream to compete in USPDF.



Harper is a native of Denver, Colorado and has been poling for five years. She studies in Denver with Estee Zakar at Tease Studio and cross trains at Awaken Adult Gymnastics. Pole has completely changed her life for the better and is grateful for the community of empowering women and men.


Yulia Vdovina

I’m from Russia. I started pole dancing a little bit more than 5 years ago in Russia. Right now I’m an instructor in Axis Pole Fitness. I like competing and meeting new people. Each competition makes me stronger as an athlete and as performer. And I’m really excited to present me piece in front of you!


Hali Sgueglia

Hali Sgueglia grew up doing competitive gymnastics in North and South Carolina. When she found Pole Fitness in November 2013, she instantly fell in love with the beautiful use of athleticism and hasn’t looked back since! Her experience in gymnastics quickly created a passion for pole. She became a certified instructor teaching at Polefit Carolinas in 2014. Hali loves that she is able to share her passion with other women, and although At first she was focused on teaching and training, she has since started competing over the last year with pole sport organization, and is excited to begin competing and sharing her artistry with USPDF!”


Jenna Brooks

Jenna a.k.a. Pole Beast started pole in 2013 with only a gogo dancing background and became an instructor in 2014. She teaches at Kairos Fitness in Ogden, UT. Pole has given her courage to be herself and share that with the rest of the world. She is grateful to be a part of this ever accepting, growing, and diverse community. She truly believes that if we Work Together, we Rise Together and she wants to continue to help others find their inner Pole Beast.

Christi Lea USPDF

Christi Lea

Christi​ ​Lea​ ​is​ ​a​ ​trained​ ​yoga​ ​instructor​ ​and​ ​certified​ ​pole​ ​instructor.​ ​She​ ​began​ ​her​ ​yoga​ ​journey​ ​in 2008​ ​before​ ​she​ ​discovered​ ​pole​ ​in​ ​2011​ ​and​ ​became​ ​certified​ ​in​ ​2014​ ​with​ ​XPert​ ​pole.​ ​Christi​ ​is becoming​ ​known​ ​for​ ​her​ ​fluid​ ​lines​ ​and​ ​sexy​ ​style,​ ​being​ ​dubbed​ ​as​ ​Miss​ ​Flow.​ ​She​ ​has​ ​competed locally​ ​and​ ​with​ ​Pole​ ​Sport​ ​Organization,​ ​recently​ ​winning​ ​in​ ​the​ ​exotic​ ​division.​ ​She​ ​currently​ ​teaches pole​ ​at​ ​Extend​ ​Fitness​ ​Studio​ ​in​ ​Dallas,​ ​TX.​ ​Christi​ ​is​ ​thrilled​ ​to​ ​be​ ​accepted​ ​into​ ​the​ ​USPDF​ ​and​ ​is looking​ ​forward​ ​to​ ​furthering​ ​her​ ​pole​ ​journey.


Miss Cecy Q

A lover of dance since her preteen years as a gymnast, Cecy has since been fascinated by the combination of strength and beauty to create something beautiful. And pole dancing is made precisely of these remarkable elements! She has always felt this fire that lies within to express herself through movement. Pole dancing has given her the opportunity to not only challenge her mind and body, but to open up her soul and share her own stories through dance, allowing that inner artist to thrive and blossom.


Ashley Robinson

Ashley is a fitness, pole dance and flexibility instructor. She grew up playing soccer, gymnastics and cheerleading, which has transitioned perfectly into her aerial athleticism. She has multiple certifications in fitness, pole fitness, flexibility and lyra. Business creative by day, professional photographer, graphic designer, writer, marketing guru and business consultant are just some of the hats she holds! Ashley has an MBA and is currently pursing a Ph.D.


Amy Lewis

Amy began pole in 2014 after falling in love with aerial silks. She was immediately drawn to the combination of strength and flexibility it required. Although she has no background in dance or gymnastics, Amy enjoys the challenge of learning new tricks and trying to improve her movement on and off the pole. Amy is a web developer during the day. She is also passionate about art, running, rock climbing, and yoga.


Brittany Springtime

Born and raised in Miami Florida, Brittany always gravitated toward the arts. At a young age she began drawing, painting and was attending magnet art schools, where she studied Fine Art and Fashion Design. In search for something fun and creative, she saw a video on the internet of a Pole Dancer. So she bought a pole and taught herself at home. After a year she started attending classes at a pole studio and her love for pole grew. What started out as a hobby, has turned into her life’s passion and career. Brittany loves the sexy and showgirl side of pole. She is a certified pole fitness instructor with XPERT Pole and Aerial Fitness, and teaches full time at several studios in Miami.



I started pole dancing after attending a bachelorette party in 2012 and I never left the studio. Currently I’m a student at Impulse Pole Dance and recently have become a CRNP Certified Instructor. I have a background in tumbling and cheerleading which have been very useful for pole. Pole has definitely pushed me to my limits and drives me to be better every day. I’m excited about becoming a Pro to see what new challenges and experiences I’ll face.


Liz Naguib

Liz Naguib first discovered pole in July 2014 and comes from an extensive background in classical and commercial dance. She graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a B.A in dance, where she was the only undergraduate selected to perform at Rick Odum’s Festival of Solo’s and Duets in Paris, France, and co-produced the largest undergraduate show in the university’s history to date. She has been awarded scholarships to Dance Educators of America, Defore Dance Center, U.C. Riverside, and Barebones Dance Theater, and is a 2 time UROP Grant Award recipient.

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Katrina Anderson


Emma Alexandra

Emma Alexandra grew up dancing ballet, attending summer seminars with the Boston Ballet, the Kirov Ballet, and other companies. She picked up pole dancing for a college journalism assignment in 2012 and got accidentally hooked. A member of the pole crew Aerial EDGJ, creators of Pole Play NYC and Pole of Fortune, she frequently performs around New York City and teaches at New York Pole Dancing, Incredipole, Pole Position, and Sweetwater Dance & Yoga.



Kenny has been working hard to perfect her sensual yet powerful style of pole dancing and it showed placing 1st for USPDF Novice Sexy 2017. She plans to perform more throughout NYC and continue to share the knowledge she has gained with her clients at Brooklyn’s Finest Pole Dancing. In her spare time she enjoys eating cookies and learning different languages.



Vakiesha, known as “Skittles” in the pole world, began pole dance 10 years ago. She placed 3rd in her first competition (EMW Trixpert, 2010), was a finalist in the American Pole Fitness Championships (2010), and won 1st Place in Miss Pole Vixen Atlanta (2011). After a 4 year break from pole in 2017 she returned to her original passion. She was a guest performer and judge for the 2017 Aspirant Competition and started teaching pole classes again. She competed in the 2018 USPDF Amateur Division where she placed 3rd and earned “Pro Status”, making her return to the pole world official. She is excited and motivated to continue sharing her passion with others.

Vakiesha has been a certified personal trainer since 2007, she holds a bachelors degree in Psychology and is a psychotherapist and addictions counselor. Her other credentials include; Certified Life Coach, Personal Nutrition Certification, X-Pert Pole Fitness Instructor, Pole Moves Certified Instructor, NESTA Certified Personal Trainer, SCW Fitness Pre/Post Natal Certified, ZUMBA, Silver Sneakers, and CPR/AED.


Sara Joel

Sara Joel took her first pole dancing class in 2014 and fell in love immediately. Then got pregnant. But that didn’t stop her. She gave her first public performance on a pole in 2015 while 8 months pregnant with her 4th child at Schtick a Pole in it in NYC. Prior to pole dancing Sara was an original cast member of Cirque du Soleil’s Zumanity where she performed the Body2Body Act which she co-choreographed with her dance partner for 3 years.


Pam Taqo

Pam Taqo is a Physical Therapist by day and is a Pole & Flexibility instructor by night. She moved here to the U.S. 8 years ago from the Philippines.


Jessa Marie

Jessa Marie is a Pole Dance Performer best known for her sexy style and sassy attitude 😉 She is an instructor at Impulse Pole Dance, and a Brand Ambassador for Twisted Polerina. Jessa wants to empower women to love themselves and celebrate their bodies. She is a former competitive martial artist, with a history in cheerleading, gymnastics and dance. Pole dancing is her passion, her joy, and her favorite form of self-expression.


Cristi Nicole

A California-native, Cristi discovered pole dancing in August 2014 and quickly became addicted. She enjoys performing, teaching, and continuously training and leaning from the incredible artists of the aerial community. She is thrilled to compete in her fourth competition with USPDF and thanks her amazing family, friends and pole sisters & brothers for supporting her throughout her dance journey.


Brandy Sweet


Jena Clough

Jena is a pole dance athlete, mother, wife, business owner, and artist. She has been teaching pole dancing for 10 years and owns DreamFyre Pole Fitness. She has been competing for 3 years in all sorts of events and her performance journey started with her very first competition; Dance Filthy USA. She has been on a path of reaching her goals ever since. Jena loves what she does and hopes to inspire others to be themselves.



Ji started Pole Dancing 6 years ago and felt in love in first class. She dove into the world of pole without any dance, gymnastics, or fitness background. She has finally found her passion and wants to make it known that pole is very accessible and doable if you allow yourself to grow and progress over time, regardless of your background. She challenges herself daily to improve and perfect many different moves to gain strength, sensuality and self-confidence.


Yosis Ricks


Jaekyung Lee

I started pole dancing in Australia since 2014, and since then pole has become a huge part of my life. Though injuries forced me to rest pole for few years, the love of dancing never stopped me from giving up on pole! Currently I am both a student and a teacher at Pole Haus located in center city of Philadalphia!