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Amateur-Video Submission Fee


Am I an Amateur competitor? Amateur is someone that is taking pole competitions seriously in hopes to grow their pole dancing career as a professional. Amateurs are elite athletes competing to be recognized as a USPDF pro.

2017 USPDF and Battle 4 Armageddon

When: October 28, 2017

Where: Bell County Expo Center in Belton, Texas

Make sure to review all the competitor rules as your video submission fee is non refundable

If Yes, please List the name & location of the studio (list 1 studio)

If not selected as a finalist for the Amateur competition, do you want your video submitted into the novice division at no additional video fee?

If Yes, which category?

2017 USPDF and Battle4Armageddon

Discount Code(10% will be refunded with correct code submitted)

I have read, understand, and hereby agree to the USPDF specific competition requirements, Competition Rules , Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy.

I have read and understand the Video Submission Section on the USPDF website.

I understand that this video submission fee is non-refundable and DOES NOT guarantee me a position as a Finalist.

I understand that the sole prize for winning this competition is the right to enter a subsequent in-person final and that there is, otherwise, no monetary prize to be awarded in connection with this competition.

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