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Novice-Video Submission Fee


Am I a Novice competitor? A Novice competitor is someone that might not be ready to compete at a USPDF Amateur level. None of the competitors in the Novice Division receive a pro status. We put less emphasis on difficulty in the Novice Division then we do in the Amateur Division. If you are looking to obtain your pro status you MUST compete in the Amateur Division.

2017 USPDF and Battle 4 Armageddon

When: October 28, 2017

Where: Bell County Expo Center in Belton, Texas

Make sure to review all the competitor rules as your video submission fee is non refundable

If Yes, please List the name & location of the studio (list 1 studio)

USPDF 2017 Your Name Novice

Discount Code(10% will be refunded with correct code submitted)

I have read, understand, and hereby agree to the USPDF specific competition requirements, Competition Rules , Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy.

I have read and understand the Video Submission Section on the USPDF website.

I understand that this video submission fee is non-refundable and DOES NOT guarantee me a position as a Finalist.

I understand that the sole prize for winning this competition is the right to enter a subsequent in-person final and that there is, otherwise, no monetary prize to be awarded in connection with this competition.

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